my pumpkin spice latte virginity was taken from me today. 

inaquiethoneyhollow asked:
i really love your new URL it makes me tingle with joy. also can we do butt stuff? -love your BB GURL

well you were my inspiration bb gurl. and we can always do a little butt stuff here and there. smoochies

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inaquiethoneyhollow asked:
why are you so awesome? save some for the rest of us GIRLFRIEND♥

love you bb gurl. NOW DO 25 SQUATS. 

i’m rose. 

and i’m a motherfucking vegan princess. 

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everything is good. 

it’s amazing how much a person can change in 2 years. 

i love you i love you i love you i love you. 

i love you. 

honesty hour. 

i get it, you love your dad. why does everyone feel the need to express their love for their father on facebook, all with the exact same caption and a picture from their childhood. 

maybe i’m just bitter. 


  • makes post
  • waits 2 seconds 
  • no notes 
  • deletes post 
  • packs bags 
  • leaves home 
  • builds new life in woods
  • lives with shame forever  
  • lots of shame 
  • like 6 shame